Kis Krisztian

Kis Krisztian

Kis Krisztian
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Dishonored: Marked by coupleofkooks

Lonely Rat Boy Delilah Copperspoon Vera Moray "Granny Rags" Daud Corvo Attano Emily Kaldwin I wanted to go low detail and sketchy on this, but suddenly I'm horror vacuing all over.

RONIN 3D-print figure

Ronin : the first printed, fully posable Action Figure with more than 50 Points of Articulation, and LED electronics. Maybe something for Printer Chat?

morteza karimi reinterprets calligraphy with ALEPHba jewelry series

NYC architect morteza karimi creates a unique printed jewelry colòection, ALEPHba, which explores new ways of expressing calligraphy in the digital age.