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three windows on the side of a building
Véolia Environnement Centre / Arte Charpentier
Véolia Environnement Centre Est / Arte Charpentier Architectes
an architectural building with yellow and black windows
Newcastle University Student Housing
College Student Housing | University of Newcastle Student Housing Masterplan
a man standing in the window of a building
Gallery of JA House / Maria Ines Costa + Filipe Pina - 13
JA House. Architects: Filipe Pina, Maria Ines Costa. Location: Guarda, Region of Beira Interior Norte, Portugal, Photographs: João Morgado. Year: 2014.
a white house sitting on top of a lush green hillside under a blue sky with clouds
Modum Architects, Tamas Bujnovszky · Herb-Valley Center
The new Visitor and Learning Center situated at the gate of the Káli-basin that demonstrates the herbs of the region was designed by András Krizsán DLA. The good-tempered group of buildings of the Learning Center reflects well on the Balaton Upland’s a...
two white houses on the side of a hill next to some red rocks and grass
Gyógynövény-völgy Központ Zánkán
Hungary-Zánka architecture by András Krizsán
a modern house with glass walls and doors
Maison Z by Mosa | Manufacturer references
Maison Z by Mosa reference projects | Manufacturer references
a house with a deer standing in front of it
Midwest Modern Architecture in Michigan
Se våre ferdighus og hytter, vi bygger hus som passer for deg. Finn informasjon du trenger i byggeprosessen på våre nettsider.
a white house with an open front door and large glass windows on the side of it
Dave Blanchard House Photos #big #windows #exterior #bigwindowsexterior
a wooden deck with chairs and table next to a brick building that has sliding glass doors
Nowoczesny dom z elewacją ze starej cegły
nowoczesny dom z elewacja ze starej cegły
an outdoor deck with chairs and tables next to a brick building that has glass doors on it
Földesarchitects -
Földes és társai építésziroda
a house that has a tennis court in front of it and some chairs on the lawn
Földesarchitects -
Iron Porch House by Földes Architects #brick #architecture #residential #hungary
an outdoor living area with couches and tables in front of a large brick house
Nádtetős kőház -
Nádtetős kőház - Szép Házak
a row of white houses with brown shutters on the front and one red roof
képek: A veszprémi Kopácsy-malom felújítása és bővítése
képek: A veszprémi Kopácsy-malom felújítása és bővítése