Tünde Kissné Polgár

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Mintafeleség/17éve, anyatigris/11éve, házi-mestercukrász/10éve, kiváló munkaerő/19éve szóval "All in one" 39 éve
Tünde Kissné Polgár
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Paris Pont (Bridge)

Paris is just one of those iconic cities every girl has to visit.The culture, landmarks and experiences to be had in the City of Light and Love is where I want to holiday! Every girl's dream is to visit Paris. I am smitten with Paris and what it holds.

Alessandra Ferri in Giselle. Photo:Fabrizio Ferri.

Alessandra Ferri- prima ballerina assoluta, who danced first for The Royal Ballet, then for American Ballet Theatre, and finally for La Scala Theatre Ballet, in one of my favorite photographs of dance and movement ever… is this not the epitome of divine?