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Wow, very accurate.

Okay, here's my fear. Notice how HOH ended so nicely? They just sailed off. WELL, Uncle Rick isn't that nice. IM REALLY WORRIED<< and now it all makes sense

I literally sat on my bed mumbling," Tartarus, percabeth, mark of Athena, house of hades, statue, Argo 2, percabeth, Tartarus, RIORDAN." I am heartbroken" as long as we are together". Sob.

Why Rick why? Throw my heart into Tartarus with perabeth why don't ya! To all the pjo and hoo fan girls out there

percy jackson the battle of the labyrinth fan art - Buscar con Google

cookiekhaleesi: Aww their first kiss right before Percy gets attacked by monsters and a volcano blows up so romantic<<< but then stupid Calypso came. Don't get me wrong I love her later on in the Percy Jackson fandom but in that book, Nope

My whole family likes percy jackson and i have one family member that can get a little carried away with it and will randomly yell when argueing with someone "GO TO TARTARUS"  i'm serious

This is the truest thing ever. And then I totally pull out my wand (Because my sword wouldn't fit in my pocket and wouldn't hurt them anyways) and totally avada kedavra them.>>>>> but it's not a sword when it's in your pocket, it's a pen! ITS A PEN!

Haha, gotta love Poseidon.

Except with Zeus and Thalia. Zeus is realy proud of Thalia but is to proud (or scared of his wife) to do anything more than her stand next to him then look all smug.

o look a tree! me no speak English!  what I cant talk im in a tunnel! hahahahahahahahhahhahahahhahhhahhhahahhhahahahhhahahhhhahhahahhahahhha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love how they're all avoiding the question And then Piper and Annabeth being BFFs saying each other.>> "Me no speak English" - grover XD