How to make a kazoo Great for our experiments with sound!

How to Make a Kazoo

These totally brought me back to being a kid again! What kid doesn’t like a kazoo? And what mom actually does like their kids to have a kazoo? Ok, just kidding. My house is already loud so I figure, what the heck, they’re making music.

DIY Craft Stick Harmonicas......a fun and quick craft for kids! | via Make It and Love It

a great project for kids, made from only a few simple supplies from around the house! A great summer craft project!

200 Fall Crafts for kids, Kids Activities, Printables, and Snack Ideas - this is my go to list with tons of creative, fun and unique ideas for toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary age kids too

It must be Fall because we see so many wonderful fall craft ideas. Here are 200 Fall Crafts for kids/Littles, activities, printables, and snack ideas

Wind Pipe made from straws - maybe a theme of musicals made from recyclables?

Wind Pipe Instrument

Children love to play instruments and there are many you can make at home. This is a simple wind pipe that children can make in just a few minutes.

Outside with Kids: 15 Ways to Play with Nature

Outside with Kids: 15 Ways to Play with Nature

5 Autumn Crafts for Kids Acorns, leaves, nuts, pinecones…Nature provides us great materials for crafts projects! Need some ideas? Here are 5 easy and creative crafts to try.


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