How to make a kazoo Great for our experiments with sound!

How to Make a Kazoo

How to Make a Kazoo - The Joys of Boys How to make a kazoo. next up, how to make earplugs :) Really want fantastic ideas on arts and crafts?

200 Fall Crafts for kids, Kids Activities, Printables, and Snack Ideas - this is my go to list with tons of creative, fun and unique ideas for toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary age kids too

It must be Fall because we see so many wonderful fall craft ideas. Here are 200 Fall Crafts for kids/Littles, activities, printables, and snack ideas

Wind Pipe made from straws - maybe a theme of musicals made from recyclables?

Wind Pipe Instrument

Experiment sounds with your kids by making homemade musical instruments. Here are some simple DIY musical instruments for kids that they will definitely e

Outside with Kids: 15 Ways to Play with Nature

Outside with Kids: 15 Ways to Play with Nature

5 Autumn Crafts for Kids Acorns, leaves, nuts, pinecones…Nature provides us great materials for crafts projects! Need some ideas? Here are 5 easy and creative crafts to try.

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