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Some great /explore/fitspo/ for you this Monday morning! Today is the day to start! If you're already started, keep going! Your goals are endless!

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10 Gifts for the Female Fitness Nut in Your Life

Glutes work out Damn! I want those glutes. Have to add this glute workout into my weekly routine.

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Stacie Tovar

"In the final analysis, the only enduring factor that we have to show for our stay on earth is the quality of our character.

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13924881_584181905094775_2890215835655651141_n.jpg (678×960)

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I just want to look like this...  Is that too much to ask???  Workin' hard and I will get there!

Strike a pose Motivation / motivated. Fit ladies/woman with a good healthy physique. Work out. Ladies in gym fitness fashion.

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12 #Cross_Fit Workouts Anyone Can Do.

12 Cross Fit Workouts Anyone Can Do