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a birthday cake made to look like a construction site with lots of candy and candies
a chocolate cake surrounded by cupcakes and construction vehicles on a counter top with other decorations
a birthday cake with a green truck on top and the number five is made out of white frosting
Garbage Truck Cake
The rubbish is made up of cookies, cereal, chocolate bars, candy etc.
a green truck is on top of a white cake
Garbage Truck Cake
there is a cake that has a truck on it and lots of sprinkles
a white cake topped with lots of colorful candies and a green truck on top
Chocolate cake, chocolate icing, cake "dirt", Whoppers "boulders" and construction vehicles on cake Construction Birthday Cake, 2nd Birthday, Construction Cake
Construction Cake
a cake made to look like a castle with lots of candies on the side
there is a cake and some cupcakes on the table
15 tartas de cumpleaños súper FÁCILES - Pequeocio