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Klaudia Ferenczy

Klaudia Ferenczy
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Incredibeard is here, Isaiah Webb a popular online celebrity who has hundred of thousands of fans has incredible creative beard art gift from god that he


The International Highline Meeting, which took place in September, seems pretty normal. Except for the fact that participants are strung on tightropes high above the Italian Alps in Monte Piana.


alex chinneck's ‘take my lightning but don’t steal my thunder’ manipulates covent garden's architecture, transforming the london piazza into a mind-bending public art piece.


Utah-based group of BASE jumping, slacklining, and rock climbing athletes and filmmakers, gathered for the annual Turkey BASE Boogie to make this epic pentagon space net hanging 400 ft above the ground and 200 ft from the edge of the cliffs.


In August the construction of the highest railway station in Europe - Jungfraujoch - was completed. With tunnel, completed in the beginning of