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Larkyn Austman(Canada)

Larkyn Austman(Canada)


The lawnmower one isn't funny. That happened to a good friend of mine when she was a little girl, and she's lived with prosthetic legs since then. So don't laugh at that, please because she is such a happy energetic girl that it would break my heart.

Kaetlyn Osmond

Kaetlyn Osmond

Bennedict and his dad…Why do I love this so much?!

Benedict Cumberbatch and his dad --- I love this. ----Haha bet Timothy Carlton loved that. I love the shots of Martin talking to Ben's dad on the phone and Ben smiling :D----Sherlock cast talking to their dads is the cutest thing ever

I love this so quiznaking much haha I read it somewhere the other way around. Its fun to see it like this

Read ✨Stunning Good Looks~ from the story Voltron Trash by Artemisinn with reads. Lance: The only reason I wear face masks is becau.

list en i know this has been done a thousand and one times but please jsut take it

Hunk: Dude, ur gay Lance: What makes you say that? I'm obviously straight Hunk: ur in a relationship with Keith Lance: Oh yeah, got me there