38 Pins
a doll with long brown hair and black shoes on a wooden table next to a white wall
an image of a doll with long hair and red shoes on it's feet
Disney, Haar, Girl Cartoon, Pretty, Black Doll, Girly, Pretty Dolls
a group of barbie dolls standing next to each other on a pink carpeted floor
Bjd, Brat, Afro, Moda, Donna, Melanin
an advertisement for the barbie doll company featuring two models in high heels and short skirts
there are many dolls lined up on the shelf
two dolls are dressed up and one is holding a purse
three dolls are standing next to each other
a doll with long hair wearing boots and a hat is sitting on a table in front of a door
two barbie dolls holding shopping bags and cell phones
four dolls are in a cardboard box on the bed
Inspiration, Vintage, Boy Outfits, Man, Boy Doll, Boy Bratz Dolls