Klement Martina

Klement Martina

Klement Martina
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This would look great as a rib tattoo.  #clock #watch #roses

"Time Heals Everything" tattoo. I don't believe time heals everything, so I couldn't get that quote, but the general idea is neat. Not to mention, the tats very pretty

50 sweet Dreamcatcher tattoos... If I could find mine from childhood, I would love to have it replicated in a smaller version on my side or back of my shoulder

One of the most popular tattoo designs is that of the dreamcatcher. The dreamcatcher originated with the Ojibwe tribe of North America and it the trinket is said to alter the dreams of those it protects by only allowing good. [ read more ]

by Devin Mena  love this idea for my DW tattoo. only I would want the watch closed and stargazer lilies.

"Alice in Wonderland" <--gives me an idea. flowery thigh tattoo, but AIW themed clock for papa and lillies for grandma