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Pierce the Veil | mike looks so disgusted....and Jamie's just so happy about the stick...and Vic's just like "what even lol"

gif vans funny cute adorable aw Obey pierce the veil glasses vic fuentes mike fuentes jaime preciado tank snapback stick ptv tanktop i got astick

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50 Memes That'll Make Every Former Emo Kid Cackle With Sadness

50 Memes That'll Make Every Former Emo Kid Cackle With Sadness <<< This makes me so uncomfortable.

And finally, this truth that all former emos eventually come to realize:

people called me emo when i was younger in 2009 I was 9 and these bitches wanted to label me, now here I am, at preaching the emosphere, and crying because emo is dying and I don't wanna leave 2005

This proof that the emo life will always pull you back in:

Oh gosh I love this. His sweater and shirt are both three cheers for sweet revenge, he has a Scott pilgrim poster, AND a my little pony poster.

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