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an artistic rendering of a stone wall with writing on the top and below it, in grey tones
Forest Temple Assets, OccultArt
ArtStation - Forest Temple Assets, OccultArt _
an old wooden cabinet with gold trimmings on the doors and bottom panel, against a dark background
RG portfolio
an image of a set of architectural details for a gothic church or other type of building
ArtStation - Explore
ArtStation - Wall & Windows, HyungHo Jang
an image of some kind of artwork that looks like something out of space
3d model Modular Dungeon Set | Spiderweb Pack (19 of 20)
Treasure Chest, asset, barrel, blizzard, brick, creepy, dark, diablo, dungeon, environment, floor, gothic, grungy, high quality, level, lowpoly, modular, monster, painted, reusable, rocks, rubble, skeleton, spider, spiderweb, stylized, texture, tileable, web, world of warcraft
an old architectural drawing shows the different types of windows and their design, as well as how to draw them
An Introduction to Gothic Tracery (With a Router) | Popular Woodworking
This week I’m finishing up work on an aumbry for a future issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. More than anything, this project has been about exploring Gothic geometry. But as with any project, I always have a lot of detours and dead ends. The pierced carvings on the front of the aumbry are fairly simple, yet I was afraid they would be off-putting for some beginning woodworkers. So I started …
an architectural drawing of the cathedrals in different styles and sizes, with measurements for each section
Architecture Becomes Music - Architectural Review
Architecture Becomes Music | Essays | Architectural Review
an architectural drawing showing the design for a window with arched glass and decorative designs on each side
Rose Window drawings
frieze tile: Rose Window drawings
an architectural drawing of the interior and exterior of a gothic style building with arched windows
an architectural drawing showing the details of a tower
European Architecture
Typical English Romanesque bay (from Peterborough Cathedral). (left) External elevation. (middle) Internal elevation. (right) Section through bay Read more
an architectural drawing shows the design for a gothic style building with arched windows and arches
Gauche : triforium et claire voie, Droite : grandes arcades, Amiens
an architectural drawing of the front and side of a cathedral, with measurements for each section
French Gothic Cathedrals Compared
an old black and white photo of the inside of a building with arches, pillars and crosses
Build Your Own Gothic Cathedral
Lincoln Cathedral, Triforium Detail by Cornell University Library, via Flickr