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Heavy Work Activities - The OT Toolbox

Sensory Activities

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Elephant Toothpaste | STEAM Experiment for kids - Engineering Emily

Summer activities

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Students will listen to given scenarios and answer the empathy/perspective taking questions given, attempting to put themselves in someone else's shoes. Great for students who are struggling to make and keep friends. This activity takes about 30 minutes to complete with a small or large group. The goal is for students to practice having empathy and perspective taking skills.  Includes: Activity description including instructions/walkthrough of activity, objectives, materials, and ASCA standards

Emotions and coping skills

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Some #behaviors should not return to #baseline. Consider our code of ethics. Don't ignore the disadvantages and consider these before choosing the design! #BCBA #BCBAexam #rogueaba

Treatment design

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ABA training

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Adaptive Skills

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Dr. Mary Barbera talks about how you can start increasing language in children with autism through a shoebox and some pictures of family members and other familiar objects.
Discrimination Training - How to ABA

Verbal Behavior

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Frequency sheet is better designed than current sheets
This is Part 2 in a series of Pins dedicated to disseminating the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Our Quick Glossary series will include a variety of terms, definitions, and study resources just for you! #ABA #appliedbehavioranalysis #BCBA #BCaBA #RBT #DTT #NET #ABCdata #rate #duration #count #AllDayABA

Parent Training

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Motor Skills

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Sorting in Kindergarten


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Pragmatic Assessment's don't need to be intimidating! This evaluation tool kit is filled with everything you need to knock your next pragmatic language evaluation out of the park!


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Executive Functioning Worksheets ADHD Worksheets Executive - Etsy
A - Z OF COPING SKILLS - alphabetical diagram for kids

Impulse control

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Setting Up a an Easy-to-Use Program Binder by theautismhelper.com
Keep your staff accountable for students practicing IEP goals throughout their day. Use an activity matrix and a highlighter and you're going to see a ton of growth in your Special Education classroom!
FREE RtI (Response to Intervention) documentation forms, different ones for reading, writing, math, and behavior interventions

Behavior Charting

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Play this school counseling game with students to practice identifying triggering situations and helpful strategies. Additional materials are included that will guide students to create a plan to handle overwhelming situations with positive coping skills. This will make learning emotion regulation skills engaging and f

Social Skills

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Text: How To Make Magic Unpoppable Bubbles Summer Fun for Kids. Top picture: Sugar and dish soap for 2 ingredient bubble recipe. Bottom picture: Magic bubbles with one bubble inside another.
DIY Unpoppable Bubbles - Summer Activities for Kids
a young boy sitting at a table in front of a glass vase with swirls on it
Elephant Toothpaste | STEAM Experiment for kids - Engineering Emily
Elephant Toothpaste | STEAM Experiment for kids - Engineering Emily
3d rainbows made out of paper with clouds and rainbows in the middle, on top
3D Rainbow Craft
a poster with the words in different languages on it and an arrow pointing to each other
the power struggle info sheet for students to learn how to use it in their classroom
Avoid or Defuse a Power Struggle
How often do you find yourself in a standoff with your child or student? You want them to do something, and they are simply refusing. Power struggles can be difficult because they often cause you to lose the upper hand. As you become increasingly frustrated, your child ramps up their behavior, and typically it will result in a loss of privileges, empty threats, or other forms of punishment.
the benefits of being an individual in your child's life infographical poster
Behavioral Momentum – BIAS Behavioral Interventions
a bunch of diagrams on a piece of paper with words written in each language and some type of information attached to the diagram
handprint paper lilies with text overlay that reads, handprint paper lilies
Handprint Lilies | How to Make an Easy Paper Lily
a purple and white photo with the words simulating cmos in front of it
Simplifying CMOs
Simplifying CMOs: Conditioned Motivating Operations with Definitions and Examples
kids are painting flowers on paper plates with colored crayons and the words fork stamped tulips craft
Fork Stamped Tulips Craft - Toddler at Play
Fork Stamped Tulips Craft - Toddler at Play
a collage of pictures with the words pom - pom tube drop
Pom Pom Tube Drop: Toddler Developmental Activity - Teaching Littles
the words diy puffy sidewalk paint just 3 ingredients written in chalk and crayons
Ditch the Chalk! Make This Puffy Sidewalk Paint Instead!
three pieces of paper that have been taped to the side of a wall with words on them
Rogue ABA
Validity, Accuracy, Reliability graphic from Rogue ABA