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Chandra Namaskar (translated to moon salutation) or 12 step salutation This warm up is a back bendy version of the classical 12 step salutation which doesn't involve bringing the arms up in low lunge. I teach this warm up for every back bend themed class, it is also what I practice in prep for back bending photos. I personally find it more effective than Sun A/B in prep for back bending Note ⭐️Reach back only to the point where you can still breathe feel free to take more than one breath in…
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RESTORATIVE YOGA: COUNTER BACKBENDS I've a few sequences on backbends (Cobra, Camel, Wheel). When opening up the spine in one way it's good to counter things by moving the opposite way to avoid injury & soreness. This sequence is targeted for after back bending but can be used for my other sequences too. So no this isn't a sequence that will get you INTO something but it is just as if not more important. The majority of us live lives where we are all go go go & closing or restorative classes…
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