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a large white wall with black lettering on it
TOKYO DESIGN WEEK 2008 - Designtide Tokyo - Core77 | Wall graphics design, Wall graphics, Office wall graphics
Wall Design of Exhibition Space
a black and white wall with the words gate ways on it
Awesome Signage Design — Amrit Pal Singh | Visual Artist | NFTs | Toy Faces | 3D Art
The last exhibition in the Idioms series involved over 400 cover designs by 56 designers from 14 countries.
an empty hallway with black doors and yellow numbers
artless Inc. | global branding and strategic design consultancy
hotel risveglio akasaka / branding + sign design + art
the words living in style are cut out of paper and placed on a black wall
Living in style
the writing on the wall is written in cursive and handwritten inks
Something creative like this would be great on one of the empty walls
the metal letters are all different sizes and shapes
the words are cut out of white paper and hung on a wall in an office building
AIGA Design Archives
Ziba Lobby Ziba Design, Portland, Oregon, 2009
an empty white display case with shadows on the wall
http://www.pinterest.com/pin/377106168772393028/ The photos and the texts on this blog are sourced from books and by various sites from the internet (apart from the ones taken by me). Original source is always mentioned. If you feel your photorights have been violated or they have been presented in a negative way, please send me mail. I´ll remove …
an orange and white paper sculpture on the ground with words written in it that say she said she said
she said he said
the metal letters are all different sizes and shapes
Лазерная резка в интерьерном дизайне. Украшения для интерьера из металла.
Лазерная резка в интерьерном дизайне. Украшения для интерьера из металла.
two large pieces of art sitting on top of a wooden floor next to each other
Fiona Banner
Fiona Banner, Doors (ART)
a piece of paper that has been altered to look like many people's heads
a white wall with black lines on it in an empty room next to a cement floor
Fiona Banner
Fiona Banner: Nude Beam, 2007, Indian ink on wall, 670 x 769 cm, Installed at The Power Plant, Toronto
four different types of lines and shapes in white paper
meg hitchcock (The Jealous Curator)
meg hitchcock (The Jealous Curator)
gold numbers and numerals are arranged on a white surface, with one number in the middle
Hand-Welded House Number
Anthropologie - Hand-Welded House Number
several open books on display in front of a glass wall with black and white images
kleist-museum frankfurt/oder
kleist-museum frankfurt/oder - szenographie valentine koppenhöfer
an art installation with multiple pieces of paper on display
HET PANTHEON Letterkundig Museum, Den Haag, 2010 Opera Amsterdam