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" I protest." Newt says. "How is it in there, shank?" Minho asks. "Quiet, and dirty to be honest." I reply. I close my eyes and fall asleep. To my surprise, both are still there

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( be her ) ( his pov ) I held back a smile because she still had a day in the pit but I was happy that I kept her a week or being banished

"Newt I can take whatever punishment they give me, I'll be fine I swear." I protest to Newt. He sadly smiles but goes on, "She doesn't need that much of a punishment, shanks.

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newt: y/n i'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. newt: Yes i bloody love you!<<< Thanks for that extra bit!

You sit alone at a table. Then you accidentally make eye contact and you look away blushing like hell. "Hi this is my friend Newt but I'm guessing you know him he's to shy to say hi

Imagine: Newt is talking to the people who were in the other mazes. You walk past, Newt says, "Who is that?" The other guys say, "Y/N She's been here 3 days" Newt thinks you are incredibly beautiful and wants to know more about you.

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I can totally see this happening with Newt and Liz....

Rebecca: calm down Newt Aris just a friend we were in the same maze as each other Newt: he was flirting with you Aris: so what if i was Rebecca: aris i have a boyfriend so please dont try this again sorry Aris: whatever *walks away*