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Slow Cooker Greek Chicken Pita

Slow-cooker Greek Chicken Pita Folds and other delicious crockpot recipes. We tried to Greek pita. Really yummy, super easy, looked nothing like the picture though. Makes for a good lunch. I added extra yogurt.


You can still be skinny and eat all of these foods. Its a matter of moderation. Don't starve yourself girls. If you love food, eat it! Moderate & exercise and you'll be able to eat everything and anything you want :)

Whole Grain Pancakes with Wild Blueberry-Maple Syrup

Whole Grain Pancakes with Wild Blueberry-Maple Syrup. Using whole grain flour and wheat germ in these pancakes isn’t just a healthy gimmick that adds fiber and protein—it also adds a nutty flavor that tastes really, really good.