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For Your Daily Dose Of Once Upon A Time

What everyone screamed whenever anyone told Snow a secret. 24 Jokes only OUAT Fans would understand.

snow and killian parallel

Snow and Hook Parallel Btw, I realise they are similar but I hate Snow and I love Killian.

Hook and charming xD

Snow probably should have mentioned Red was a werewolf before she started stripping. She kinda had to take the cloak. BUT only the cloak!

Belle reminds Hook that he tried to kill her, twice, and he makes excuses and a poor attempt at an apology - 3.15 "Quiet Minds"

Belle: "You do know he tried to kill me?" Hook: "They were extenuating circumstances." Belle: "Twice." Hook: "Sorry"

Once Upon A Time Family Tree, but they didn't include Bae!!

Let's not forget Rumpelstiltskin, the son of Peter Pan, who married Milah, they had Baelfire (known as Bae) who later traveled to the human world, changed his name to Neal and had Henry with Emma. One messed up family tree!