Komarovszky Lívia

Komarovszky Lívia

Komarovszky Lívia
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I'm the fucking queen bitch                                                                                                                                                                                 Mehr

I'm the fucking queen bitch Mehr

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Crown tattoos for men pack a punch. They show strength, but not violent strength: crown tattoos symbolize wisdom and power, and a willingness to lead.

That is sooo pretty oh my gosh

beautiful, lioness, tattoo y tiara

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Love this idea

Mother Nature stag tattoo

Stag Tattoo Idea maybe w more flowers and made of moss instead

Lion & Flowers Tattoo

extremely detail lion tattoo with surrounding peonies and rose, black and white with forearm placement, pin: morganxwinter

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Hate the dragon and sword. Use for tail shape possibilities.

Pinterest | @sthaboutlara | Something About Lara ❤

Pinterest | @sthaboutlara | Something About Lara ❤

Oh. My. Gosh. I want something like this, but with our pug, Brutie. That handsome little devil. :3

Frenchie tattoo, OMG these are adorable!