Le preposizioni sono uno dei temi più difficili di ogni lingua! Ecco una chiave per capire le preposizioni italiane.

Most of us would love to learn another language, however, few actually.

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La personalità

Via Optimae: Aggettivi di personalità… Come sei tu? Talking about yourself and…

ISSUU - Italian english visual bilingual dictionary by ismael04

Italian english visual bilingual dictionary


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Tempo libero

One of the best ways to go about learning a new language is to expose yourself to that language as often as possible.

Learning Italian - تعلم الايطاليه | Italian Word of the Day | Scoop.it

Learning Italian - تعلم الايطاليه

veri amici

7 Qualities of A True Friend (left to right) -believe in you - Make you laugh - comfort you - understand - chill with you - help you - play with you - trust you - stick up for you