Vacuvin Pohárjelölő

Give every glass or guest a character. With Vacu Vin Party People Glass Markers you will always have 12 extra guests at your party. The unique figures

Vacuvin Kinaló tálkák

The Vacu Vin Serve & Stack is the perfect way to serve all of your favorite dips, appetizers, and snacks. The colorful, stackable bowls are made for mixing and matching. The 6 pieces included in the set can meet all of your serving needs for your nex

Boska Sajtgyalu "Life" 22cm

Purchase Boska Holland Life Cheese Curler Friends Oak from Chef's Arsenal on OpenSky. Share and compare all Kitchen.

LSA International Szervírozó deszka szószos tálakkal

Buy the Lotta Ash Base Serving Platter - from LSA International at Amara.

JosephJoseph Double dish snacktál

JosephJoseph Double dish snacktál

Bread & Dip kenyértartótál készlet

Servierschale in grün-weiß von Vacu Vin bei

Triple Dish kínáló tálka készlet

Triple Dish kínáló tálka készlet