Must go to this spectacular colorful labyrinth!  Muralla-Roca-Ricardo-Bofill-05

La Muralla Roja de Ricardo Bofill

Valencia-Alicante-Calpe AD Classics: La Muralla Roja / Ricardo Bofill (The Red Wall) Calpe, Spain The more I read about this and see pictures, the more interesting it is.

에코세대 내집 프로젝트 ③ 하나 밖에 없는 집서울 가락동 주택가에 우주선처럼 솟은 ‘다락집’. 건축가 김찬중이 디자인했다. [사진 김용관 작가]최근 2~3년 서울 강남권의 재개발 열풍이 밀어닥치던 송파구 가락동 일대. 지하철 5호선 개롱역 인근 동네의 터줏대감같던 2층짜리 붉은 벽돌집들이 하나둘 사라졌

Eco-house house project in a residential area in Garak-dong, Seoul. Designed by architect Kim Chan-jung.

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Whipple Russell Architects has designed Summit House located in Beverly Hills, California, USA. from Whipple Russell Architects: Our clients for this project were a family intent upon staying close.

It's a mobile home that expands to three times it's towed area in just minutes! Know more about 'The Awning' by heading over to our site!

'De Markies' (The Awning) was a 1985 entry in the 'Temporary Living' competition. It was conceived as a mobile home.