Love this color!

Want this hair! Hair Color Inspiration: Tarnished Jewel WISH i had the guts to do this! i want to dye my hair a dark brown for winter and then i see this and im a sucker for red && purple hair ! Omg want !


These would be so perfect if I could be positive they wouldn't clink all over the place. I hate noisy shoes!

Top Section: 5RC (2oz)   5RC (2oz)   6CR (1oz)   Mix with: 30 vol activator   Midshaft Section:   6CR (1/2oz) or 6RC (1/2 oz)   Mix with: 20 vol activator   Bottom Section: 10 volume with blue lightener     Note: Be sure to emulsify color together at end of color to TONE.

If my hair was really long still I might have tried something similar but with my own red. Red to blonde -- ombre hair color

Kati Koos ~ Early February 2010 Newsletter

Ensembles Pagan Wicca Witch: A black witchy ensemble by Robin Kaplan. Necklace by Diana Frey.

Reminds me of fire. Too pretty. Red to orange to blonde ombré.

Dye your hair simple & easy to ombre red hair color - temporarily use ombre red hair dye to achieve brilliant results! DIY your hair ombre with hair chalk

goth gothic fashion  style black women lady girl women

goth gothic fashion style black women lady girl women might work with your dress

Long Coat  black Fit n Flare  Full Length. By DarkestDreams - Etsy

Long Coat black Fit n Flare Full Length Gothic Steampunk Matrix Duster coat Corset Coat size UK USA

Brocade Layer Bustle Skirt

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