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If the closest thing we'll get to meeting a unicorn IRL is drinking one of these unicorn milkshakes, we're totally fine with that.

Pretty Kitty

Fluffy cat breeds are some of the most popular, furry cats can be found in white, black, grey and even Siamese coloring. Love to cuddle soft,? Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion!

Cotton Candy Unicorn Party Parfaits - a crazy fun dessert! Just look at that explosion of color and sugar

blippo-kawaii: “Learn how to make uber-kawaii Cotton Candy Unicorn Parfait! ✨💖Parfaits are supposed to be a fun and easy dessert, so go crazy with them! 😍 That’s what a unicorns would do.


A Beautiful Liver Chestnut Horse .looks more like a Kentucky Mountain horse.but still beautiful. /An absolutely beautiful horse, I also think he is a Mountain horse, EL.