Mapping 2013 on Behance

Self portrait ideas Mapping 2013 on Behance Use a process like this for "identity/self-concept" activity about skin color/shade/tone/palette. Put vertical photo strip of every child together on a couple images to make a collective face.

C4 by Alexey Oborotov is an example of the Gestalt theory of visual perception. The image uses illusion to trick the perception. The face could be perceived as a profile portrait or a frontal portrait with blank space.

Take a look at this amazing Two Face Optical Illusion illusion. Browse and enjoy our huge collection of optical illusions and mind-bending images and videos.

Wassily Kandinsky, Circles in a circle, 1923 Courtesy of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Louise and Walter Arensberg Collection, 1950

Bauhaus – Art as Life

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Max Bill - »horizontal-vertikal-diagonal-rhythmus«, oil on canvas, 1942  #Max Bill #1940s art #painting

Max Bill studied at Bauhaus for two years as a pupil of Josef Albers --Horizontal Vertikal Diagonal Rhythmus / Oil on canvas / 1942

Animal in Moir Part 22 – Fubiz™

After his first amazing series, italian artist Andrea Minini draws again using the contrast effect Moiré various animals.

Predators on Behance

Predators: Illustrations by Maxim Shkret. Striking digital portraits of wild animals by Russian designer Maxim Shkret.

"The master of composition -Piet Mondrian. 1921 Break it down with De Stijl." Richard Ambrose

Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow by Piet Mondriaan. He was an important leader in the development of modern abstract art and a major exponent of the Dutch abstract art movement known as De Stijl ('The Style').

Max Bill

Max Bill-Swiss- architect, artist, painter, typeface designer, industrial designer and graphic designer.

color story - pixelated warfare Art Print

color story - pixelated warfare iPhone Case by Amanda Millner McAdoo

3D Typography on Behance

A user of Behance called Lex Wilson who creates depth in text by drawing intricate steps in the letters, both ascending and descending, creating a font.

Lex Wilson 3D typo

Inspiração em tipografia 3D

sketched Typography: "Fall" by Lex Wilson (Nottingham, UK) via Behance 11541583