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a yellow and white bird with feathers on it's head sitting on a table
ゆらぽぃ (@Yura_okame) on X
a small bird sitting on top of someone's hands in front of a white wall
すーさん on Twitter
a small yellow and white bird sitting on someone's arm
ゆらぽぃ on Twitter
a small red bird peeking out from under a white blanket with green and red designs
I love birds
a bird sitting on top of an open book next to a muffin and cupcake
Birb by Holivi on DeviantArt
a drawing of a bird with its wings spread out and it's head turned to the side
Animal Obsessed
a bird with a hat on it's head and the caption that says, if you're having a bad day, here's a parakeet in a teacup hair
80 FRESH MEMES FOR TODAY #190 – FunnyFoto
a small yellow bird sitting on top of a glass bowl
ParakeetBot (@ParakeetBot) / X
a small green bird sitting on top of a metal bowl filled with water and marshmallows
three yellow and orange birds in a cage with their beaks wrapped around each other
dog birthday for sale
This fluffy little birb falling asleep in their human's hand