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Celestia and Twilight

(Thinking of watching MLP today.) The feels <-- Celestia sees Twilight like her daughter (Reflection is filly Celestia and her mother)


This drawing isn't much, and is most decidedly a doodle even by my regular doodle standards, but of course it's my opinion that Rarity always deserves more love in fanworks so I am happy to post it.

Princess Twilight Sparkle by LeffenKitty on DeviantArt

FINALLY I'm done with the Mane 6 alicorn princess set! xD I tried to save the best for last~ the leader herself, Princess Twilight Sparkle!Well, my personal version of her I'm going to go with.

True love never ends. by *Coltsteelstallion on deviantART

Watch My Little Pony Core Of The Apple to see the story of how her parents died. There are 4 parts.