Öko Szauna

Öko Szauna

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Öko Szauna
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very creative bottle packaging for fruit juice japan

Created by Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa, the juice box’s packaging is supposed to be more appealing to the eye by imitating the actual fruit they contain. The fold on the banana is.

very creative packaging design

This is Spine Vodka, a packaging concept from German designer Johannes Schulz for a high-alcohol, vanilla flavored vodka that has a little spine and ribcage in every bottle. The concept is

real boy creative packaging advertisement pushpin

en Experimenta~Real Boy Push Pins/Thumb Tacks by Duncan Shotton These pins are so much fun. The simple clear packaging was a nice choice allowing the produ.

creative cookie packaging

Thelma's is a cookie delivery business run by mother and son, Lana and Dereck Lewis. Each day, they lovingly bake chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles, and deliver them by the dozen, warm in this brilliant oven-inspired packaging design.