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Csaba Koszorús

Csaba Koszorús
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Hitler's Mercedes

Hitler riding high in his resplendent Mercedes-Benz limousine, saluting the adoring crowds.

This abandoned Jagdtiger is no more than a curiosity for the locals.

Jagdtiger (Hunting Tiger) was german heavy tank destroyer. The official German designation was cm Panzerjäger Tiger Ausf.

An SS headquarters in the city of Prague, which was made into a protectorate of the German Reich via peaceful diplomacy.

The 600 mm monster siege mortar Karl Gerat 040 "Odin" was self propelled and required its own escort tank chassis projectile carrier, seen here stopped next to it. Each shell was 24 inches in diameter and weighed 4,800 pounds; the mortar could hurl it at targets 6.2 miles away. During the war, the Germans built seven such guns and used them mainly in Russia. Only two of the seven survive today.

The Wehrmacht gunners prepare to fire 600 mm self-propelled mortar “Karl” (Karl Gerät 040 Nr.III “Odin”) in the district of Brest. Pictured mortars near — forwarder shells on the chassis of the tank.