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# team Rachel

Percy Jackson 30 day challenge: Most memorable moment? (PJO) When Rachel hit Kronos is the eye with a blue plastic hairbrush. "You hit the lord of the Titans in the eye with a blue plastic hairbrush" loved it.

rockin dat adidas hinata

haikyuu and hinata image

Dream cast for the Heroes of Olympus!

This pin is cool but they forgot that Piper is cherokee and Leo is Mexican

I don't like the picture chosen for piper, but the others are on spot! Although I imagine annabeth hair a bit darker.

Okay first of all "beauty as Piper' what the hell does that mean. Also, she spent most of the books trying to prove that she was more than just her looks? Why would you make hers about her beauty?

Nico di Angelo, Demons. This is just... amazing yet so sad and just I feel like sad like yes I get it like omg....AND IMAGINE DRAGONS.

This is the song I said reminded me of Nico. It's awesome it's called "Demons" by Imagine Dragons go listen to it NOW the song is VERY important to me

I love Leo. Team Leo

I love Leo. Team Leo<<<Leo doesn't get enough credit

Why is there a section for Octavian? Nobody in their right mind likes him! Not that many of us are in the right mind....

Team Percy, Team Leo and Team Jason.

Los príncipes de Disney en carne y hueso- Mundo TKM MEX

Disney princes' as realistic men

art by mormoc Leo

One of the best Leo fanart I've seen!