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contact form (rounded button)

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50 Examples of Creative Contact and Web Form Designs

Simple popup contact form for my new site.

Contact form

Very simple contact form for a project I am working on. First and second inputs are filled. Last one is empty. I was trying to do it as simple as I can, but still usable. @2x for real pixels

Response time

Not something new, but thought I would share it. This is something we implemented on my website to show the response time and be accurate. Well, the context changed a bit, but still the same idea. ...

Contact form

Check details on Behance Made by @Irena Zablotska

My first submission to the NDC2014. I'm a little late to the challenge, but I love the idea behind it and wanted to catch up! It's so great to take a little time to design things for fun every once...

Day 28 - Contact Us

task on Day 28: Contact Us.