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Looks like my biker Dad, but his beard and hair are totally white!
Other Productions | Michele Carragher


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Coat. Culture: British. Date: ca. 1833. In the early years of the nineteenth century, there was a profound harmony between men's and women's silhouettes in dress. In the Empire style, the high waists and puffed chests of menswear match the silhouette of women's clothing. In the 1830s, menswear accommodated the gigot sleeve of womenswear in its use of a new fullness at the sleeve cap. The typical men's ensemble of tailcoat, waistcoat, and trousers prevailed by the 1820s and 1830s, as breeches wer


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Vanity Fair Horse Racing Print


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Милые животные. Мимиметр сломался
During a pleasant Winter stroll, Mole catches the scent of his neglected home and becomes quite overwhelmed.

Luka Lukics

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Dames a la Mode (Posts tagged 1830s)


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Gentlemen Jack - Timothy West
Rafael Tegeo. Retrato de José María Benítez Bragaña, 1832. Museo de Bellas Artes de Murcia


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'Portrait of a Postman (Alex Buchanan)'1900-1912


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Художник в зеркале сцены. Первая половина XX века: tvoy_muzey — ЖЖ

Bobcsinszkij, Dobcsinszkij

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Classic shaping for every size woman. Our c. 1860 Julia corset enhances your natural curves while remaining comfortable for all day wear. This corset style is more lightly boned than some of our other more extreme styles. It smooths the line of the body from bust to hip making it the perfect easy addition to any costume, reenactment ensemble, bridal gown or cosplay. It is cut in the shorter French style of the period from shaped pieces with steel boning throughout. See more about this corset on
Buyenlarge The Party Painting Print

Marja Antonovna

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Saatchi Art Artist Jessica Muller; Painting, "zch.08" #art


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picture of what color goes with orange carpet | Original Modern Abstract Painting by MelissaSherowski )


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Hunting Coat, and Leather Breeches,late 18th c.


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Кройка и Шитье в исторической реконструкции. Запись со стены.
Divat a gépek és a népek forradalma idején - Contrapasso Men's Fashion, Century Clothing, Mens Clothing Styles, Victorian Men, Men Trousers
Divat a gépek és a népek forradalma idején
Divat a gépek és a népek forradalma idején - Contrapasso
an old fashion drawing of a man in striped pants and a jacket with a cane
Mens Regency Fashion 1810 - 1815
1810 costume parisien
a drawing of a man standing next to a table
British Library digitised image from page 440 of "Northanger Abbey : and, Persuasion"
page 440
a small black animal sitting on top of a pile of dirt next to a flower
Милые животные. Мимиметр сломался - ЯПлакалъ
Милые животные. Мимиметр сломался
a painting of a man in a red suit
Christian VIII of Denmark - Wikipedia
a drawing of two men standing in a living room, one holding a piece of paper
Н.В.Гоголь "Мертвые души" 1953 г. (худ. А. Лаптев)
Н.В.Гоголь "Мертвые души" 1953 г. (худ. А. Лаптев): kid_book_museum — ЖЖ
Empire, Gentleman Style, British, Trousers, Gentleman, England, Onesies
Coat | British | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Home / Twitter Caricature, The Pickwick Papers, Dickens, Robert, Ebenezer Scrooge, Literary, Woodcut, Seymour
DonPJenn on X
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Gentlemen Jack - Timothy West Gentleman Jack, Timothy West, Jack, West
Gentlemen Jack - Timothy West
Vintage Dresses, Costume Design, Antique Clothing, Dress
History of fashion