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Zsuzsanna Kovács

Zsuzsanna Kovács
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Percy knows the difference between monster and human so he definitely wouldn't be killing anybody but he would make their life a living hell

But it isn't really killing if they regenerate! Sure it'll hurt a lot but they will eventually reform in Tartarus.<---- probably what Percy would do tbh

Is there more of this?? And where can I find it????

“in the beginning it was just a game of tag ” when the reality of war shatters Lance’s perceptions of his role in this world. Please open in new tabs or windows for better viewing :)

Keith / Lance

Sorry it’s so short but I’ve had this in my head for a while and I just wanted to get it out, I really like zombie aus and post apocalyptic stuff in general. This is also for Keith Week days 2 and Combat and Red/Blood.

This fandom needs to stop

This fandom need to stop--> .if this is this's true I'm seriously considering going to Japan and asking them why?>>> zarkon is a dude wth