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a door decorated with balloons and clown face
a close up of a window with some decorations on the windowsill and an image of a clown
two clowns made out of paper standing in front of a door decorated with streamers
some very cute looking paper crafts with clowns
two cartoon characters are standing in the same position
an image of cartoon characters with the words ghostgottm in red and black
the paper doll is ready to be cut out and put on it's head
a paper toy with a clown on it sitting on a wooden table next to a pair of scissors
the clowns are made out of plastic and have blue scissors in their mouths,
a blue hat with a clown's face sticking out of it sitting on top of a table
colorful paper clowns hanging from hooks on a blackboard with polka dot circles around them
a hand holding up a paper clown mask