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there are many different emoticions on this photo collage, including one man talking on the phone
Galería Hiddlestoner - 40°
four different pictures of the same person wearing helmets and glasses, one with an angry bird on
Definitive Proof Tom Hiddleston Is Actually A Cartoon Penguin
Proof Tom Hiddleston is a cartoon penguin.
some anime characters are reflected in the water
Avengers Age of Ultron members by zgul-osr1113 on DeviantArt
»Natasha is the only one smirking like she did in the winter soldier when she was 'getting chased by him'«. The Avengers by Seoro.O (zgul-osr1113 on DeviantART)
two different views of the same character
peter parker in pajamas
are good people Source by egadanhoto2892
an image of some comics with different scenes
How To Train Your Helpupper by DKettchen on DeviantArt
How To Train Your Helpupper by DKettchen
the avengers movie memes that are in different languages
#funny loki on Tumblr
The Avengers 2 plot twist: Loki comes back and brings all the fangirls and they take over the world and use One Direction as their personal butlers
a man dressed as thor from the movie thor is giving thumbs up while standing in front of a blackboard
loki lockscreen
loki lockscreen marvel lockscreen thor ragnarok tom hiddleston lockscreen
a man with long hair wearing a leather jacket and text that reads, keep calm and trust in loki
HiddlesGoddesses on X
Trust his rage - Loki
four different pictures of people in suits and ties, one is holding something while the other has