Portal and Hall * Light Blue

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an old house with blue shutters on the front and side windows that are open
Orthez: c'est une maison bleue...
Charming Blue shutters and door
a blue house is covered in snow and surrounded by trees
blue and white :-)
a white house with blue trim on the front porch
Cottage porch
an old building with blue shutters on the front and side doors, sitting next to a tree
Provence toujours
French blue shutters
a painting of a blue house on a snowy day with trees in the foreground
peintres trisha romance
a blue gate is surrounded by snow and trees
style & iconic <3 blue & white <3 (you may enjoy a peek at my board)
a white picket fence sitting in front of a blue house with flowers growing on it
blue exterior painting with bright white trim
a blue house with white picket fence in front of it and the words refreshed victorian written below
Blue cottage
an old building with blue shutters and flowers growing out of the window sill
Periwinkle Bliss
the staircase is decorated with blue and white wallpaper, framed by arched windows on either side
A House with All-American Spirit
Stairway ~ Tom Scheerer - Clarence House's The Vase
a blue house with black shutters and windows
Tiny Houses of The Past: A Tiny (Scattered) Timeline
The Spite House, Alexandria, VA
an ornate blue door is shown in front of a building
Beautiful Portals