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Attila Kovács

Attila Kovács
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aquascape Love this image- older (or older looking) table holding (what size/weight?) up planted tank. I really do like to see everything involved- like "behind the scenes".

Cabin in a jar with moss & stunted plants

Stück Natur: The Microenvironment-in-a-Jar by Hans-Rucker & Co. This is a museum piece, but looks easy to duplicate with a miniature house or shed, soil, and moss in a covered glass jar - very charming!

苔玉 Ikebana 生け花 插花 Asian style flower arrangement

Kokedama ~ Japanese in origin, a kokedama is a tabletop Moss Ball that contains a plant or bonsai. This one is a Rabbit's Foot fern and rests on a curved stone plinth. bringing a quiet, gentle pocket of nature to a desktop.