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Wearing jacket 3 in 1 for Mama + Baby TRIO fleece / / anthracite - mint points / / Babywearing coat
The Pregnancy Survival Guide for First-Time Dads - Primer. This site does a great job of discussing it from a man's pov while staying classy and sophisticated.
Simple Prenatal Yoga Flow - great for beginners and pregnancy safe!
So many pictures of women from Nepal are ornamental. The dresses are beautiful and ornate, but there is a simple and natural beauty to this girl. It may seem grey next to the colorful women of Teej, but arguably the most beautiful picture yet.
Benefits of Labor Massage and Hiring a Labor Massage Therapist Doula. #pregnancy #labormassage #doula
Earth mother..........
Flat Beach Slate Jizo Bodhisattva by LillaJizo on Etsy, $55.00
If pregnancy is leaving you feeling nauseous and exhausted, these five yoga poses can help at any trimester! Using a yoga block and bolster (or just sofa cushion) can help support you and apply pressure for instant relief! | To learn more about prenatal yoga visit http://yoginiology.com/prenatalyoga
50 Things Every Guy Should Know About Pregnancy And Parenthood | Fit Pregnancy
Hopi native american woman nursing baby

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