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Red Queen Silver House - Calore - What Your Favorite Red Queen Silver House Says About You

House Calore - Burners: They can control fire Important Members: Cal, Maven Colors: Red, black, adorned with silver for royals of the blood

Father's day Malec

From The Shadowhunters chronicle to the Shadowhunters tvshow to the City of Bones movie. We love and support every version of Alec lightwood, Magnus Bane and Malec out there in the world.

Whoever that is, he looks like the love child of Sebastian Stan and Jeremy Renner----------------------He is Dominic Sherwood who plays Jace Waylan in Shadowhunters

Hello peeta mellark I'm Mrs mellark your wife

✓ Me: "I'm going to finish this book tonight." Friend: "It's like 300 pages, are you crazy?" Me: *Thank goodness for that because if I wasn't, this'd probably never work.