Richárd Krajnyák

Richárd Krajnyák

átlagos vagyok, a lábam a földig ér, mindkettő egyforma, de különösen a bal. vállig érő zöld szemem van, a hátam nincs elől és csak egy anyám van. a jobb fülemr
Richárd Krajnyák
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Being a good Christian means carrying your daily cross, and man is it heavy! What seems like a burden today, might be a blessing in the future though.   #Catholic #Christian #faith

Sometimes we complain about the cross we bear, not realizing that its preparing us for the dip in the road that God can see and we cannotThis is eye opening! This is what the person said before me. I think it is amazing of what they said.

If you need everyone else to believe in you in order to succeed you will fail. The only person you need in your corner to succeed is yourself. Sadly most people don't believe in themselves unless someone else does. If you want to be a great player and achieve great things it starts inside your head. Use positive self talk to motivate and convince yourself that you are capable (you can do this) everyday in every moment at every opportunity. Do you struggle with self-belief? Are you weak…

Other people don't have to believe in you BUT if you want to succeed you absolutely need to believe in yourself. If you are struggling with issues related to self-belief please comment below.

Don't concern yourself with being better than everyone else. Just focus on being better than the man/woman you were yesterday. Keep improving on yourself and you'll naturally move past your competition.

Everything You've Always Wanted To Know About Football. If you are interested in taking up a new sport, try football! Football tends to be fun for everybody.

They want the prize but aren't willing to pay the price. You love going to practice because you know it's going to make you better and improve the quality of your performances.

If you don't want to practice, you don't really want to win. This is soooo true! If you're not willing to give yourself time to practice off the field and you get anywhere on the field.