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Gábor Krámer

Gábor Krámer
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Our new breeding / brooder / grow out pens

I'd like to share the breeding pens I just finished. The pens are 6 feet tall 8 feet long and have a 1 foot external nest box on one end.

Show me you quail pens!!! - Page 72

Show me you quail pens! - 5 quail per level! male, 4 females) top is the chick pen.

Inside Chicken Coops | ... .com/forum/uploads/92957_inside_chicken_coop_early_stages.jpg

Inside Chicken Coops I would add a long door on this near side and a ground pan under the roosts for easy cleaning

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Frequency Needed To Clean The Coop While chickens may be "simple" animals, they still like to feel comfortable and part of that comfort involves

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How To Build An Inexpensive Chicken Coop theownerbuilderne. Keep your chooks safe from predatory animals and get free eggs in return with this chicken coop you can build right in your backyard.