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Illustration "Spirit of Nature". All production process (modeling, texture, lighting, rendering, and post) were made in ZBrush fThanks!

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Kalya Dalenae Asalto

Devi from The I modeled, unwrapped and baked the costume. Textures and materials and hair by Scot Andreason. Head sculpt by Adam Skutt.

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I recently did some hair studies using maya's xgen interactive groom tools. It's come a long way and is a great way to organically create and style hair. Thanks to nhair follicle 'braid' button for providing the initial braid splines.

Full, medium to high-poly female model. Big image. Some N-Gons visible. (artist: Jinho Jang)

Full, medium to high-poly female model. Some N-Gons visible.

23754952_1794873980812618_1395284231564439130_n.jpg (558×960)

23754952_1794873980812618_1395284231564439130_n.jpg (558×960)

ArtStation - Main Character Design, Salvador Trakal

Designs made for a personal game project.