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two pieces of cardboard are shown with the words home and a small house on them
Duna Atelier
the wall is covered with many different items
several small wooden houses are on display
Creazioni GiaRó❤️
Creazioni in legno e pittura handmade💕
there are many small houses on the table
Il villaggio country
Simonetta Giussani: Il villaggio country
an old tin can with a chicken painted on it and a bow tie around the top
Decomagia - Easy country painting
Easy country painting by Maja Zagorska
a bottle with a bear and sunflowers painted on it sitting on a bench
Идеи необычного применения разделочной доски
Идеи необычного применения разделочной доски » Женский Мир
three teapots and two mugs are hanging from hooks on a wooden table
Porta Xicaras
an open box with flowers on it sitting on a white surface
Porta lápis Patchwork 'Verde & Rosa'
a multicolored box sitting on top of a tiled floor
81.- Cofre / Joyero Patchwork
there is a teapot and cookies hanging on the wall
there is a sign that says leave odd socks here until the other one appears
Odd Socks Wooden Plaque
Odd Socks Wooden Plaque: Kitchen & Home. Para los calcetines perdidos!