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a man sitting in front of a bottle and an object on top of his head
Alex Gross, the President
an airplane with the word lufthansa on it is surrounded by newspaper pages
Riesenflugzeug = Riesenwerbung - DESIGNBOTE
Riesenflugzeug = Riesenwerbung » DesignBote
a man walking up the side of a tall building with words written on it in black and white
books - Create a poster using nothing but type and use a variety of fonts, type sizes, and type colo
a man with multiple colored glasses on his face and the image is split in half
21 Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram
a black and white poster with the words water on it
Graphic Design Trends in 2017: What's Hot and What's Not
an article in the russian newspaper, with black and white images on top of it
Awarded Designer Mirko Ilic | Graphic Art News
the front cover of helvetica magazine, featuring an image of a building
Helvetica, Futura and Garamond Typeface Illustrations designed by Pär Ågren
an advertisement for the new yorker magazine with a skier on it's skis
First Tracks by Birgit Schoessow