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ibeemotivation: “31.1.16 // 10:38 pm finished my mind map for french tenses! well technically not just tenses but all the kinds of conjugations im going to need to have to remember ”
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customary units anchor chart - (dead pin):
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lookit all these notes that i'm gonna sell on Carousell after Os because i don't turn 16 until mid december (and you can only get a job that's not mcdonald's when you're 16) (▰˘︹˘▰) do y'all think there's a market for note making like there is for customised hand lettering because if so i'm tapping into that
This concept worked with my field notes, but not much else. But it has been a start to figuring out my own way, so... Start somewhere and do you.
Knew most of these. But my goodness are these useful when working.:
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