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a person holding up a receipt with the word walmart in red and black on it
Harry Potter Memes
an animated movie scene with the caption that reads, red hair and a hand - me down nose you must be a weasely
At least we know his last name isn’t “Of The Southern Isles”
an image of the menus for some kind of restaurant or bar that you can order
an image of a cartoon character with the caption so i just have to lie?
These Harry Potter Jokes Are Charm-Ing And Riddikulus-Ly Funny
the plot of harry potter's movies and their characters in each movie, as well as his name
The most used spells in Harry Potter books (chart)
an image of the same movie scene with text that reads it's so fluffy i'm ona diet
Harry Potter
an image of the evolution of man in gold
Survival of The Fittest
an image of harry potter comic strip
"Harry Potter" Characters In The Books Vs. The Movies