Kleine kittens in een mandje☺️ My last beloved cats were a brother and sister that l found dumped ! They would snuggle up like this and wash each other's faces all their long happy 20 and 21 year old lives, they also loved to have long cuddles with humans but when nap time came they could always be found like this ..... l miss my best friends and furry babies soooo much!

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Mèo là sinh vật đáng yêu nhất quả đất huhu :<

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13325607_1041331815920609_4530856704129577652_n.png (395×319)

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Egy ölelés mindig jól jön

Egy ölelés mindig jól jön

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Remelem nem lessz ilyen...

Oh velem nagyon sokszor van ilyen :(

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egy olyan világban élünk, ahol...

egy olyan világban élünk, ahol...

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