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an adult oranguel holding the back of a baby
That loving look is amazing!!
a small black dog sitting on top of a wooden floor
Squid the griffon
an owl with big eyes sitting on the ground
What big eyes you have...
an orangutan with the caption when i get a good idea
Hierbij een setje vragen dat ik tegen kwam om je op weg te helpen de 'complexiteit' in je leven verder terug te dringen: - mis je iemand? bel diegene... - wil je iemand graag ontmoeten? nodig ze uit... - wil je begrepen worden? leg wat beter uit... - zit je met vragen? stel ze... - vind je iets niet leuk? zeg het... - vind je iets leuk? benoem het... - wil je iets? vraag erom... - hou je van iemand? vertel het ze... .... Waarom niet?
an orangutan sitting in a tree with the caption i'm fabulous
an orangutan with its hair blowing in the wind
Funny Zoo Animals
Static electricity
a baby oranguel is being kissed by an adult
Kiss by Natalia Nazarova / 500px
Macaca beijando seu macaquinho
a baby monkey with hair on it's head looking at the camera while standing in front of a yellow background
Oh,Oh. I fink I just swallowed a toof.
three different pictures showing the same person holding something in one hand and another with an image on it
My sisters announcement and her idea...my hard labor and knot tying! haha
an oranguel monkey hanging from a rope
Cute Little Baby Orangutan
a large black and white whale jumping out of the water in front of it's head
A whale of a time
A whale of a time - Humpback whale breaching the surface of the Bay of Fundy