Krisztina Urbán Szabó

Krisztina Urbán Szabó

Krisztina Urbán Szabó
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Turn a Cardboard Box into an Epic Marble Run - Great engineering challenge for kids.  Fun group activity to see what each group comes up with!

Use cardboard, craft sticks, and hot glue to create an epic marble run! The marbles land in paper cups at the bottom of the track. This is a fantastic engineering challenge for kids. How should we position the sticks? Which path will the marbles take? How

There are better options than a gnome to use as a decorative item for your garden and a good option is to make a really awesome looking clay pot lighthouse.

Make Your Favorite Lighthouse This is an easy, afternoon project to do with kids. Gather your supplies and create a clay pot lighthouse for your patio or garden. And, if you want to add a magical touch add a light!


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